We're Hiring!

Opportunities to work for clients based in Japan!
We're hiring great Software Developers for these platforms:

  • Apple platforms (macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, etc.)
    Objective-C and Swift languages
  • Android - Java and Kotlin languages
  • Web (HTML/CSS, JavaScript + responsive frameworks and libraries)
    JQuery, React, Angular, Vue, Marko JS, etc.
  • Backend (SQL, NoSQL, Cloud Databases, Middleware, etc.)
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, etc.
    PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.

All work are remote positions and managed by online video and voice / teleconferencing systems, chat/messaging and emails, as well as project and tasks management tools.

All positions are BYOD or "Bring Your Own Devices". This means all Developers use his or her own devices to perform the work.

We do not set any specific time working period like traditional companies. Developers are free to work whenever he or she wants. We do expect all Developers to adhere and show up punctually for any mutually agreed online meetings, however.

We require high levels of technical ability ranging of knowledge and expertise in the languages, platforms, frameworks and libraries, design patterns, solving of mathematical and programming problems, etc. Code written should be well-organized and easy to maintain and reuse. We ask all Developers to thoroughly test all code before work submission.

All of our clients require the user interface to be in Japanese. Therefore, localization methods and techniques must be well-adhered to for all projects.


  • Native or extremely fluent (both spoken and written) English language communications skills is mandatory.
  • Japanese language skills a plus.
  • Great technical skills for the respective platforms and languages (see above).
  • All common related skills of great software developers (ie. absolutely no problem with source code version control, project and task management software, etc.).
  • Teamwork experience and great team players.
  • Minimum 1 year of experience (though at least 3 years preferred).
  • From the geographical regions of Europe, the Americas, and within Asia (Philippines and Malaysia only).

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